Tips for Success

Customizing Title and Watermark Images

To customize the title and watermark images, use Adobe Illustrator or similar applications to create vector art. The art MUST be saved in PDF format and saved in Dropbox in order for it to be seen on your iPad. Vector art is resolution independent and will yield the best results when displayed on screen as well as when printed. Because the photos will be printed on white photo paper, using light colors for the title image is recommended, while dark colors for the watermark image will work best.

Preventing party goers from tampering with your iPad and the Party Booth app

Apple provides a neat feature thats called Guided Access. It is tucked away in the Accessibility section in iOS Settings. Once enabled, your iPad will operate as if it was in a kiosk....nothing but the current running app can be interacted with. Attempting to exit the app or turning off the device will yield a password prompt. There is an option to enable/disable Guided Access by triple clicking the Home button. I recommend this for convenience.

Party Booth prevents users from tampering with your custom images by hiding the Dropbox icon when Guided Access mode is enabled. It only appears when Guided Access mode is off.


Printing is supported by using any AirPrint compatible printer. Once the printer is on the same Wifi network as the Party Booth iPad, it will automatically show up as an available printer when the user chooses to print their photostrip. 2 photostrips are printed on a single 4x6 inch photo paper with a dashed line in the middle indicating where to cut. I recommend a small plastic paper cutter next to the printer.


Newer generation iPads like the iPad Gen. 4 and the iPad Air have significantly improved front facing cameras. However good lighting is still critical to producing good photostrips. I recommend a 5500k 60watt CFL placed a couple feet above the iPad facing your guests. This will provide a nice white illumination and make colors pop. Common household CFLs are of a softer white color and this tends to make everything yellow.

Photo booth enclosing structure

The simplest way to construct the enclosure is with 1" PVC piping. The dimensions I use is a 6' wide by 4' deep and 7' high. You can hang your existing curtains from your home, use shower curtains, or construct custom certains if you are more creative.

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